Take a look for yourself. However, similar to the other deer species present in New Zealand like Elk and Fallow Deer, the New Zealand Red Stag rut (also known as the roar) occurs during March, April, and early May. The pounding heart in your chest increases as you hear the stag roaring and their rutting smell drifts along in the mist. Thanks to decades of carefully focused game management the quality of a Venator Cardrona Safaris Red Stag is unbeatable. .Red Stag Hunting New Zealand, trophy deer hunting, trophy fishing. The terrain on our stag hunting … Get ready to take some of your own as you pursue the greatest antlers in the world. Enquire NowHuntingOverviewLocationSeasonsGame AnimalsRed StagEuropean ChamoisHimalayan TahrFallow DeerElk (Wapiti)Ram & GoatWing Shooting & Small GameFly FishingExperiencesOverviewCurated ExperiencesLocal AttractionsLodges and CuisineCardrona TerracesAbout usOur Story And HistoryFAQ’sOur PartnersGalleryJournalEnquire Now. Startgeld überweisen und vom Überweisungsbeleg ein Foto machen. This means that you can come and hunt at Poronui and secure a very unique red stag trophy. During this time the Stags become very vocal and aggressive. Set in undulating backcountry  and covered in native vegetation, there is excellent cover and plenty of draws and gullies. We have a great team at Red Stag Timber and many of our people have been with the company for more than 10 years. Further information on Red Stag Structural Timber Products. Red Stag Timber has become a market leader in terms of product innovation and manufacturing capacity. An average New Zealand red stag can weigh 400 pounds, carry the largest antlers of any deer in the world relative to their body size, and their mating call “roar” is a sound you’re not likely to forget. Recharge for the afternoon with an exquisite lunch prepared by our in-house chefs. While New Zealand does not have an official Red Stag hunting season, we conduct our Stag hunts each year from February through August. Now the company has been recognised as world leaders for our contribution to Energy Efficiency and Conservation in New Zealand by receiving the 2018 EECA award for Large Energy User of the Year. Welcome to Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris’ unrivalled, unparalleled, genuine free range red stag hunt for a mountain monarch. Both free range and estate land hunting is available with trophies ranging from management stags to world record class. Our strict game management ensures that every trophy hunter that hunts on our property has a very realistic chance of harvesting a quality trophy. Unlike most New Zealand outfitters, we don’t just hunt a small part of the one ranch. With no natural predators, plenty of food and initial protection from hunting they spread quickly throughout the country. New Zealand has the reputation for producing the world's largest Red Stags. A red stag’s large size (average weight of 400lb) and huge antlers give him immense presence and make red stags the most sought-after species for hunters visiting New Zealand. Experience Marlborough and New Zealand’s premier game animal the Red Stag. Red Stag: 25-35 point red stags that will score between 400 and 420 SCI. Our South Island game estates are home to ‘larger than life’ stags scoring in excess of 600 SCI and 20kg of antler. This is not your average sawmill and truly one of New Zealand’s large industrial sites. Hunt the largest Red Stags in New Zealand and the world, at the exclusive Venator Cardrona Safaris Game Reserve. Mick arranged for the vehicle to be independently AA tested and offered to arrange repairs to areas of the vehicle as we are out of town in Auckland. 0:13. From our lodge we can hunt 6 different deer species. Red Stag: 20-36 point red stags that will range between SCI score 420 - 500 POA . Box 1748, Rotorua 3040, New Zealand Physical Address: Waipa State Mill Road, Rotorua, New Zealand. If you are serious about hunting, looking for a luxury 3,000 square foot hunting lodge located in the middle of a prime New Zealand hunting area and you are looking for a trophy Red Stag, Elk, Chamois, Tahr, fallow, goat or boar we are the hunting destination you have been dreaming of. It was established in 2003 to operate the Waipa Mill that was originally founded by the government in 1939 and subsequently privatised in 1996. Start the day with a hearty breakfast prepared by Venator’s own chefs, using fresh local produce and complemented by freshly squeezed juices, coffee and tea. Hunting season for waterfowl May--June Ranches: Are up to 3,000 acres and comprise of both open tussock country with some bush clad valleys. Anmeldung Wie funktioniert es: AGBs ausdrucken, unterschreiben und Foto oder Scan machen. Red Stag Hunt in New Zealand . This is a beautiful river valley flowing through temperate rainforest and large stands of beech trees. Your guide will judge the head of the stag in your class and any others you might like the look of during your great value 4 day red stag hunt. Red Stag had several vehicles to choose from with various options to suit various budgets. Hunt with Ample Hunting and you’ll get a personalised service with exclusive hunting, private, peaceful lodge accommodation and over 20 square miles of private hunting land. We own and lease several properties managed for trophy hunting totaling over 25,000 acres of pristine free ranging and game fenced country. Most of this stock came from the great English parks, with some sourced from the Scottish Highlands. Red Stag Timber is an independent, privately owned timber company, based in Rotorua. Related Videos. Hunting Red Stag in New Zealand has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. It’s been a history of many twists and turns. Most of this stock came from the great English parks, with some sourced from the Scottish Highlands. We take great pride in providing a variety of eye-catching stags with great mass, exceptional width and long scoring points. Our lodge is located on the South Island of New Zealand. Situated on the lush North Island coast line, we are a small family business that has been outfitting hunts full time for 27 years. Nothing matches a Red stag for sheer antler mass to body size. The Red stag deer is one of the most majestic and noble creatures a hunter will ever encounter while deer hunting in New Zealand. Der Red Stag Trail ist das Herzstück der weitläufigen Anlage. It was established in 2003 to operate the Waipa Mill that was originally founded by the government in 1939 and subsequently privatised in 1996. And Red Stag in New Zealand is on the bucket list of most hunters. They are visually or machine stress graded and produced for above ground and ground contact use. Ranches: Comprise of both open tussock country with some thick bush guts. The only way to guarantee a fair-chase hunt for stags in the 300"+ range is to hunt on an New Zealand Association of Game Estates (NZAGE) certified estate. Treat any 'free-range' red stag hunt promising an animal over 300" with caution. Red Stag. An dieser Rundstrecke sind 6 Offroad-Sektionen angebunden. Prices include all New Zealand taxes and including GST of 15% Hunting season for red stags & fallow bucks March 1st to August 15th. By the 20th century they’d made a big impact on our beautiful native forests. Found across most parts of New Zealand, some herds still retain their original characteristics, however, in many cases blood lines have been diluted, resulting in less distinctive antler structures. We at True Magnum have been fortunate over the years to host groups of members at this camp. As your senses absorb the new smells, vegetation types, birdsong and that interesting accent being whispered by your guide, that list becomes a reality. Instead, through our relationships developed from a long time in the industry, we are able to hunt throughout more than 6 expansive ranches, including some of the most exclusive and iconic private land hunting in New Zealand. This hunt is a one day hunt for a trophy Red Stag up to 325SCI. New Zealand is famous for their superior red deer herds and Exclusive Adventures New Zealand is proud to have access to the best animals and ranches available for magnificent trophies. We stalk Bull Tahr close by. Unlike elk, no two red stags are the same. The water is crystal clear and home to giant brown trout. Due to an over population in our large Game Estate we are offering discounted Red Stag hunts for selected dates in 2020. You might see an average of 15-20 deer per day with 2 trophy stags or more on a good day. Phone:  +64-7-349 5800Postal Address: P.O. Hunting season for turkey, arapawa rams and pacific goats all year. Browse through our key contacts and get in touch at your convenience. Between 1861 and 1919 more than 250 Red Stag were released here for sport hunting. Es ist eine Schotterpiste mit einer Länge von 14,35 Kilometern, die sich durch mittelalpines Gelände legt. We own 10,000+ acres of pristine private land and we offer low elevation rainforest hunts for Red Stag. The properties rise from sea level to over 2,000 ft. and offer the best traditional hunting New Zealand has. Red stag hunting during the ‘roar’ is simply an amazing experience and an incredible hunt. A well executed stalk paid off on this high country red stag Big congratulations to our hunter on his first Red Stag, perfect shot placement. Red Stag Hunting. Generally aggressive in nature, these animals aren’t shy and can be found roaming the … Red Stag Casino - Massive jackpots, hot tables and state-of-the-art casino graphics are just a click away. The strict game management done by the outfitter ensures that every hunter has an outstanding chance of harvesting a quality trophy. Then the stalk begins.. The Red Stag roar begins late March and continues through to early May. Spey Creek is the place to go if you are after world records or a good representative animal. Our packages are designed to suit all hunting needs. From the log to finished lumber, Red Stag Timber utilitises the latest technology to ensure consistent grade and durability in every product we make. Note: Genuine Free-range Red Stags in New Zealand rarely make 300 inches. Prices & Packages 5 Day Red Stag Hunting packages – North Island Estate. (Camera was in a different location from where the stag was shot) Shooters Supplies Smoking barrels and screaming reels nz. Red Stag Timber manufactures Radiata Pine Lumber products for outdoor landscaping uses, such as decks, fences, retaining walls or pergolas. Today, hunters can track the adaptable red stag in New Zealand’s hills, valleys, forests, mānuka scrub, tussock, river bottoms, and more! Huge thanks to our GREAT mates at Red Stag Timber for making the show a reality Locked and loaded! This location is not only perfect for hunting and fishing, but also perfect for non-hunters and families who want to explore the best of New Zealand with a professional and personal guide service.Action-packed waterfowl hunting (May – July) can also be arranged. We will head out to our hunting preserve, where our team will help guide you to your target with the spot and stalk style of hunting. For that reason, those months are the ideal for hunting Red Stag, particularly if … With no natural predators, plenty of food and initial protection from hunting they spread quickly throughout the country. RED STAG HUNTING. Limited Dates Available. No genuine free-range outfitter will offer any score guarantee on their stags. Our country is safe, our scenery breathtaking, our people friendly and our cuisine and hospitality world class. Following lunch, we’ll head back out to continue the hunt, in an environment that delivers all the excitement of hunting in raw, untamed terrain.

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