See all our, In quilting, some seams take you from squares to Half Square Triangles. You can either use the dimensions given or use the formula to figure out your own dimensions. 10.00. For this tutorial, we will be sewing 2.5" Strips to make 2.5" unfinished half square triangles which will be 2" finished half square triangles. Copyright © 2020 Foodie Pro on the Foodie Pro Theme, « New! By joining all HSTs of the same size, you’ll get: Pinwheel block created using 3 technique. Step 6 - Place a ruler on the block keeping the 45-degree diagonal line over the diagonal seam. VIDEO TUTORIAL: How To Make Half Square Triangles EIGHT At A Time. Place the 45°angle line on the ruler on the long edge of the prepared strip set. Merry Christmas from my peeps to yours. Step 3:  With your ruler placed on the long edge of the strips, make the first cut along the ruler’s edge using your rotary cutter. You can sew around the entire tube if you would like since you will be discarding the edge pieces. Sometimes, we don’t know quite what to with these wayward fabric pieces. Note: With 3” strips you’ll get 3¾” unfinished HST squares, with 4” strips you’ll get 5” unfinished HST squares. Make the first cut diagonally from corner to corner or from the corner at a 45 degree angle on a rectangle. Then cut out the fabric around the ruler. Trim on the other side of the ruler to make the next half-square triangle. A tutorial showing how to make lots of half square triangles fast and accurate. Making More Half Square Triangles. The same Bonnie Hunter Specialty Ruler that makes great half square triangles from strips also makes wonderful quarter square triangles. This first method will allow you to get the most out of your fabric and is perfect for those that like to trim up their HSTs. Be very careful to only press up and down, NOT back and forth so as not to stretch them. There is a little math to it, but to keep it simple- print … Very nice I like it project. Quilting has become my passion. Your email address will not be published. Learn how your comment data is processed. Heather first begins by explaining what a jelly roll is, how wide the strips generally are and how many strips can be found in a bundle. Click on the image below to read the whole issue FREE online. Following is a photo tutorial of this second method for 1.0 inch finished HSTs. 36 blocks measuring 4½” X 4½” using the 2½” HST squares; 36 blocks measuring 8½” X 8½” using the 4½” HST squares; and. So, in this case, the 2.5" marking of the ruler will be on the 1/4" seam. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. HRT’s look similar, but are, well, rectangles instead of squares. Such a time saver, for sure. Music by You can see the rest of the Half Square Triangle Series below: You will want to be careful when handling these half square triangles with this method because they will be cut on the bias and more prone to stretch and distort when pressing and handling. I only gave the formula if you need to figure out your own specific block sizes that are not listed in the chart. This technique is GREAT for those leftover jelly rolls strips or scraps from your stash. Fabrics selected from the Banyan Batiks Boho Beach collection are definitely the right choice for this project. With the 45° line placed on the edge of the strip, cut to the left of the ruler. Using 2½” strips to make HSTs will result in 3” unfinished squares. Christmas Ornament Quilt Pattern | Tinsel Time Quilt Pattern, Free Baby Quilt Pattern For Beginners - Simple Squares Quilt Pattern ». I now share my knowledge of quilting by teaching and doing presentations, and blogging! This method always results in two triangles created for every two stack of squares you stitch. If you know the strip width, say 2 inches, for example, you will take A or the strip width, square it and multiply it times 2.  that will then equal the square root of C (or finished block size) squared. They’re simply half square triangles, except the strips are “funkified” into these blocks, just like Darlene describes. I love to sew modern geometric quilts. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for the full length of the strip set. A word about the rule: As your HST get bigger, you require smaller strips of fabric otherwise you are wasting fabric. Step 1 Place the 2 strips right sides together and sew a ¼’ seam along both long edges as shown in the next photo. Brother BQ3050 and its 3 free motion feet, 1 simple tool helps you center your machine embroidery perfectly. Note: With 3” strips you’ll get 3¾” unfinished HST squares, with 4” strips you’ll get 5” unfinished HST squares. Now, you’ve got some serious piecing to do to get the blocks assembled before tomorrow! I've found tons of online instruction about how to sew half square triangles - individually and in twos, fours, eights and even sixteens but then th Our goal is also to keep viewers abreast of new quilting products, and how to use them effectively to make quilting easier and enjoyable. The first uses triangle papers or Thangles and the second uses bias strips. You can sew around the entire tube if you would like since you will be discarding the edge pieces. You can use the chart given below to find the correct measurements. I’m wondering how many HST I can get from a jelly roll, I’m using an iPad if that makes a difference ?? Your email address will not be published. Our quilt top will look great and have a casual vibe once completed! 2½” jelly roll strips are perfect for the construction of Half Square Triangles. How to make half square triangles: square method Step 1 The squares need to be cut the size that you want your sewn unit to be (i.e., the unfinished size), plus 7 ⁄ 8 in. Using strip sets to make quick and easy quilt blocks. So, for a 2½in unfinished HST cut the starting squares at 3 3 ⁄ 8 in or round up to 3½in. For this HST method, you’ll need (2) 2½” strips. I have made over 150 more quilts since then, and have never looked back. Which is awesome because I always end up wanting to make some kind of quilt out jelly rolls that doesn't seem like it would work. Place the ruler’s 45° angle line on the edge of the strip. Hi! Adjust beginning square size and bias strip cut to accommodate your triangle needs. I took my first quilting course in September 1994 in Barrie, Ontario, near the armed forces base where I was stationed. Once you start looking, you'll see the half square triangle in many different quilt blocks. Contact us I love that you can make so many at once with this method, but can still use lots of different prints. This Half Rectangle Triangle Tutorial will require no special rulers. Strip piecing half square triangle units is not intuitive, but great if you have strips of fabric to use up. Old … QUILTsocial Giveaway 288: Jungle Rose 12-Fat Quarter Fabric... Get your Banyan Batiks Baralla, we’re making a... QUILTsocial Giveaway 284: Baralla 12-Fat Quarter Fabric Bundle! Step 1 - Place two jelly roll strips Right Sides Together and sew 1/4" down the long edges. This would be the size of the finished half square triangle you desire plus 1/2" for seam allowances (1/4" all around). Sew two seams, each 1/4" from the marked center line. Using 2½” strips to make HSTs will result in 3” unfinished squares. Step 4 - Open the blocks outward and either lightly finger press or use your iron to lightly press. Measure the desired amount. The half square triangle is such an easy and versatile quilt block to make that I think it deserves its very own series! Project ideas for using leftover fabric applique pieces! Some of these measurements are exact and leave very little room for error so I would add a little extra seam allowance or room to square up. 12.00. Cut fabric strips the same size as the finished piece that you need. By placing two strips of fabric (exact strip and unit sizes come on the directions with the ruler) right sides together, you can cut … Thank you. It consists of two 90 degree triangles sewn into a square. Th, Another day, another stocking. - Learn how your comment data is processed. The block is also set 4 up and I like that it will make the finished quilt look like it’s made up of smaller blocks as well as the larger finished blocks. Today we’ll begin piecing the quilt HST quilt blocks, but before we do that, I’ll show you a fourth method for making half-square triangles (HSTs). Sew the HST pairs into one block as shown in the next photo. Step 2 - Line the ruler with unfinished size marking of the HST needed on the 1/4" stitch line. HOOP QUILTS Pattern - PDF Download. Place the 45° line on the opposite edge of the strips and make another cut to the left. Thanks for stopping by! I will be starting it for my angel.

I'm back this week with the second installment of my Half Square Triangle Quilt Block Tutorial series. I used 4½” X 4½” unfinished HSTs. There is an additional step I mentioned in the video and that is trimming the half square triangles down so they are straight and square with the diagonal line. There are two different options for cutting up our strip tube. Your seam should be pressed (both layers) toward the darker color. This week, we’re having a look at a few different ways to make half square triangles, or HSTs, to help you improve your skills, your confidence and your accuracy! Privacy Policy What a wonderful way to make half square triangles. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I've also included a half square triangle chart for making half square triangles from a jelly roll using the math formulas to figure out how to use the strip method. Last month, I shared how to make half square triangles two at a time. Trim each side of your square to the desired size. Step 2 To cut HST units from the prepared strip set, use a ruler with a 45° angle line. Today we’re stripping down to work with strips of fabric to create half square triangles. Otherwise just use the measurement in the chart. I must be crazy. How to Make a Half Square Triangle String Quilt Block: You’ll need to Cut: 4 Strips each 2 ½″ 19″ 1 Strip 1 ½″ … After moving to Ottawa in 1996, I joined my first guild. Half Square Triangles using Jelly Roll Strips Step 1 - Place two jelly roll strips Right Sides Together and sew 1/4" down the long edges. FREE PDF download is available for a limited time only. This is the fourth installment of the Half Square Triangle Series. Adding interest with linear quilting that isn’t... 5 essential steps for fusible applique success. You probably know what Half Square Triangle units are- we use them A LOT in quilting. Quantity: Add To Cart . Cut two (contrasting) squares of fabric to match the calculated dimension. Cut along right edge of ruler. They look like this: (For my HST tutorial and cheat sheet, please click here.) Square off and trim Half Square triangles to 3″. Cut fabric strips. Come on back tomorrow to see the fabrics from the Banyan Batiks Boho Beach collection come to life as a cozy and colorful picnic quilt! Turn your ruler 180 degrees and line up the 2½” tape line with the top seam line, and also align one edge of the ruler with the diagonal edge you just cut. Copyright © 2021 A Needle Pulling Thread. Half square triangles are one of the most common units in patchwork quilting. I was excited about this until you went into the algebra. I'm Shelly! Step 5 -. Now that you have a fourth method for making HSTs in your repertoire, let’s get back to creating our Boho Beach Picnic quilt!

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