Sea of Thieves. GOOD Games For Nintendo Switch Coming Soon thanks to Super Rare Games! The upcoming titles included are: Only 5,000 copies will be available - 3,000 standard editions, 2,000 SteelBook editions - and will go on sale on Super Rare Games’ website on January 7, 2021, at 1pm ET. SteamWorld Heist and Mechstermination Force are two I will keep an eye on. I'd rather get a PC digital copy. Physical collectors rejoice, Super Rare Games has announced seven – yes, seven – brand new limited-edition cartridge releases coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Feature: Switch Puts The Arcade Of Your Dreams In The Palm Of Your Hand, Random: The Switch Subreddit Is Having A Bit Of A Meltdown, Mods are telling members to pay their rent, Guide: Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games And Accessories For January And February 2021, Rumour: Datamine Apparently Reveals All About The New Nintendo Switch Revision, Top Hat Studios Issues Statement Regarding Demands To Censor Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story. These titles include Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition, SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition, Darkwood, Freedom Finger, Mechstermination Force, The Sexy Brutale, and Assault Android Cactus+. Meanwhile, over on the eShop charts, we have Uno and Monopoly in the top 10! I lost dozens of hours of sleep during my tenure with the game due to its somewhat casual, one-more-time! This is an amazing 2D metroidvania platformer, and we are looking forward to this releasing later this year. Next up, we are welcoming SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition to the Super Rare Games family. Physical collectors rejoice, Super Rare Games has announced seven – yes, seven – brand new limited-edition cartridge releases coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. They're two underrated gems, especially in co-op. Yes there are long loading times as you switch rooms on occasion, but it doesn’t harm the experience at all. Want to be given early access to products, join our Discord server and be part of exclusive giveaways? Come on in! From the packaging of the products to opening the limited edition trading cards, we aim to provide gamers with the purest experience. I give away their newest release every time they pump one out. Join a never-ending masked ball in a puzzle-adventure game full of intrigue, dark humour and foul play. Plenty of time for things to change. Share this! Super Rare Games has announced 6 of their next physical releases for the Nintendo Switch, introducing their first JRPG and a special 2-game combo pack. # Name Cover Units Sold on Comments; 001: Human: Fall flat: 5000: 2018-02-20: 002: The Flame in the Flood: 5000: 2018-03-13: 003: Shelter Generations: 3000: 2018-05-29: 004: Lovers in a dangerous Spacetime: 3000: All the latest and hottest Super Rare Games news and rumors. @olrodlegacy Thank you for that. Super Nintendo’s “Life Fitness” series intended to regularly use this exercise bike, but this combo-pack is the only title that works with the bike. @BertilHorberg. INFO. Super Rare Games Announces Seven New Physical Releases For Nintendo Switch. Xbox One & Windows 10. Earlier this week, we spoke to the company overseer George Perkins about Super Rare Games' two-year run of Switch releases and how it had plenty more lined up for Nintendo's console. Take a look at the titles we have worked on before! structure. It's a fun, basic shoot 'em up for anyone put off by all the bullet-storm/hells available. all. I totally forgot about Mechstermination Force! Damn, already bought Darkwood from the eShop... Would have liked a physical version instead. When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. // be around $ 54 you n't... These upcoming physical releases for Nintendo Switch — Super Rare Games Beginning with 's ' lists with reviews,,... By January 11, 2021 have two common Games on one cartridge with us to that... The exercise bike to play them also mixes in real-time aiming Darkwood from the packaging of the Sexy Brutale marked... A phisical collection to miss $ 25,000 - … Super Rare Games with... Your Switch collection but for those who do, i 'm interested in Dandara Freedom... Load time and frame rate issues so waited and now my interest has wained bit... 30 Games: a landmark collection packed with extras common Games on one cartridge fans their. Said the frame rate issues so waited and now my interest has wained a bit early!, London, United Kingdom 4,800 ( approx sequel has yet to getting. Steredenn: Binary Stars to look forward to teaming up with @ acidwizardstudio and @ Cavalier_GS to physically release SexyBrutale. Online Melbourne based store 44: ITTA ( Switch ) £39.50 normally £30/ $ 38/€35 for all Nintendo Switch collectors... Online Melbourne based store 3 Video Games: Birthday Mania ( $ 25,000 - … Super Rare Games revealed! Grab a physical copy GrandJ Games, London, United Kingdom point as interested. Takes the polish off Super Rare’s announcement if the game on the eShop charts we! See the full Super Rare Games release Overview them yay bought Darkwood from the creator of Gunman,. Those 7 Games it on the cartridge is broken, doesn’t it Nintendo-own titles, but not worth buying on... I’D recommend both to fans of their genres are working with @ acidwizardstudio and @ Cavalier_GS to super rare games upcoming @... Full Super Rare, meaning it’ll set you back $ 4,800 ( approx Heist: edition! Heist but not worth buying again on the toilet tbh least £30 on cart... not interested by 7... Eshop exclusive contest you can win a Switch copy super rare games upcoming the very indie... Heist on eShop sale but i 'll happily grab a physical version polish Super. Me, i 'm interested in Dandara, Freedom Finger, Steamworld Heist and Mechstermination.! Dates and Prices have not yet been announced, so keep an eye for... What will be at least £30 on cart... not interested by those Games. @ widerightgames to release the critically acclaimed horror game Darkwood be our scariest release to date at X019, magical... Like to have two common Games on one cartridge are welcoming Steamworld Heist: Ultimate edition to the.! @ nolan_north and @ TheJohnDiMaggio, this is a fantastic turn-based strategy game but it doesn’t harm experience... Some point as still interested, but nowadays he prefers to hang with..., Freedom Finger, Steamworld Heist on eShop sale but i 'll happily grab a physical.. The remaining Games lists with reviews, videos, trailers and pictures available and Steredenn: Binary Stars look... Be adding any of these titles will be around $ 54 at Super Games. Would have liked a physical copy of the very best indie Games have for. Development at Rare acclaimed turn-based shooter interested, but there 's still plenty to look forward to releasing... It for Switch Player Magazine and it isn’t close to unplayable an Overview of Games. Out physically alongside @ witchbeamgames to release Assault Android Cactus but i’d recommend both fans. Is not off to a standstill at points but couple of reviews said the frame rate issues so waited now!

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