- Be Prepared Song door Justin Hu 7 jaar geleden 3 minuten en 6 seconden 355.768 weergaven The Be Prepared Song from , Hoodwinked , ! He also says it when a conversation he overhears between Red and Boingo over his radar gun seems to confirm his suspicion that Red works for the Bandit. Voiced by We whip-pan to Tommy holding a bag that says. The pig who keeps reacting quizzically whenever Flippers uses food metaphors. After Red turns her cloak into an improvised parachute, she comes out of the clouds as dramatic music plays in the background. Twitchy is hyperactive and never drinks coffee due to him getting out-of-control and very energetic when he drinks it. Wolf throwing the sticks of dynamite out of the mine cart, with the dynamite exploding behind him and Twitchy. Hoodwinked Too! In the sequel however, he seems to be more naive and he only sports one disguise throughout: Kirk is an aspiring actor and yodeler in the first film, attempting to act like a woodsman without much trouble. He chases Red's cape, and grabs it triumphantly, to find that it's empty... prompting the camera to zoom way back to reveal that he, When he realizes that the candle Twitchy's just lit in the cart, When he realizes the tree he is cutting down is about to fall on him. Then, Wolf finds a way out. and we can all work for that. When the picture of Red in her martial arts uniform is seen during the interruption of her beating up the Wolf in the Wolf's retelling, you'll see that the text on the bottom reads "Red Puckett: Forest Regional Karate Champion". Flippers remembers the Wolf from three years ago on the Stiltskin case. Hood vs. When Wolf tells Woolworth that he wants to know about Red, the sheep says that he doesn't know a thing and never heard of it. In the Wolf's story, he is still behind the bush when Twitchy does this, facepalms, and Red is already looking his way when he emerges from his hiding place. In the world where the movie is set, they act in a similar way to. When Kirk tells Jimmy at the audition that he wants to be a member of the Happy Yodelers, we see a poster that reads, in Swedish, "Tonite only, Sporthalen - Eskiltuna, Tisdag 29 oktober 19.00". The team consists of Mad Hog, Stone, and Wood. From the team that brought you Hoodwinked, the hilarious re-telling of the classic Little Red Riding Hood fable which grossed over $110M box-office worldwide, comes the side-splitting follow-up Hoodwinked Too! Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family Hoodwinked! In Red's story, after Twitchy lands and takes the accidental photo of her, she turns around and the Wolf has instantly appeared there. Location Most of the cast reprised their roles, with the exceptions of Anne … He flew in behind the startled Wolf and tells his boss that he got up early, got the gear, and watched Red (whom he and Wolf call "The Girl In The Red Hood"). For instance, in the entire mine cart sequence, everything about Red's ride is what you would expect... except for the snow slide coming over the edge of the shelf that comes close to collecting her cart. You can even pick up a tiny bit of Japeth's yodeling if you've got a good ear. With other objects, flow is proper. With a drop of hairspray instead of sweat, Boingo's anger at not grabbing the treats when he pushes Red out of the cable car, Literally done by Boingo to Red with a slideshow presentation to demonstrate his plan, Red is falling from the tram, you can see Boingo glaring down at her, with an expression of "Damn it, I was, OK, girl in the red hood, please step forward and repeat the line you've been given, And Now For Something Completely Different, Sometimes, you wonder if he may have had a small birth defect, awkwardly side slips his way out of the room, Flippers says that is appropriate because she already has three strikes against her, with just a falsetto voice and a plastic face mask, Twitchy being too close to the Wolf's tail while trying to fix his camera - having accidentally swallowed it after Red crashed through his perch during her fall. Red Puckett (also known as Little Red Riding Hood, Red Riding Hood, and The Girl in the Hood) is the main protagonist of the Hoodwinked series. when Flippers makes, Later, when Flippers reveals that Boingo is the Bandit, the Wolf says, "I knew it! Yeah, pretty convenient to have a cab just. It was Granny using explosive charges to escape from the Bandit's henchmen in a ski race on the upper mountain. Red's escape from the Wolf. The Muffin Man: Never seen on-screen, but when Red runs into Boingo during her bike ride, he sadly states that his employer - the Muffin Man - was shut down last night by the Goodie Bandit. Kevin's Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Which include some truly bizarre sets like a Mohawk Indian set, and a campfire set. You gotta stop those cops. Gotta love that goat :3. The sequel catches up with our heroine, Little Red (Hayden Panettiere of TV's HEROES), training with a covert group called the Sisters of the Hood. She comes upon a swarm of hummingbirds, and hands her cloak over to them. Maybe someday someone will open up a great big goody shop, and we can all work for that little guy." 1 Biography and Personality 2 Hoodwinked! However, the title actually goes to Boingo since he is the mastermind behind the goody thefts, as well as the plot to explode the Big Bad Forest to make room for his real estate buildings. If you want to know the truth, you've got to flip through the pages. Wolf says that it's a big surprise party and asks if he knows how to get there and Boingo says that he knows a shortcut. Flippers looks at the pictures and shows Wolf a picture of him roaring, which makes Wolf feel humiliated. a white beard and mustache with a top-hat. It's a movie you can watch over and over and still find new things that make you laugh. Freeze frames are necessary to get all of the Swiss Army Horns that Japeth uses during "Be Prepared". His stomach growls while he's hiding and trying to observe Red through the bushes, which, from the Wolf's reaction, is probably not what he was expecting. Boingo tells Red he is, but … Wolf and Twitchy go over the woods on the mine carts, and through an underground river. Eventually, the police finally understood what Twitchy was trying to say (because at first, they couldn't understand him as the squirrel was talking rapidly). It's actually a bit of the chorus from the "Schnitzel Song" that will be sung in Kirk's story. Then Wolf and Twitchy jump onto rocks and Twitchy sees Red and her friend Boingo talking in Boingo's cable car. Notice how he's the small one in the conversation, as well as his slight emphasis on. In the middle of the forest. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Watching it frame by frame, you'll see that Boingo tries to grab for Red's basket, not her, right as she grabs it before going over, and has an angry expression as opposed to a concerned one. When Red pepper-sprays the Wolf, their stories depart drastically. Even a Mohawk style is saying a lot. When he is scanning, he picks up the ambient noise of a goat bleating and frogs croaking. Boingo, who generally talks in a joyful and non-menacing tone, cracks jokes, but does nothing to hide just how monstrous he really is. Boingo is the main antagonist of the Hoodwinked franchise and the tertiary antagonist of Hoodwinked Too! Enraged, Granny takes her "face" off, revealing that it's actu… The Wolf is actually yelling in pain when his tail gets caught in Twitchy's camera as Twitchy is trying to fix it after coughing it up (having swallowed it accidentally after Red crashed through the tree branch Twitchy was on when she fell). The camera is positioned in such a way that it looks like she is speaking to the camera. Red Puckett's story has this. In fact, it's pretty clear that Granny's recipe book is treated by Red in the same that KFC treats the Colonel's Original Recipe (for the record, only two people know the complete recipe, only one knows the combination to the safe that the recipe is stored in, and a number of executives know partial segments; when it had to temporarily leave KFC headquarters in Louisville in September 2008, it had its own motorcade transport it).

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