A gang hires a drifter to mix nitroglycerin for them. A father gets rid of witnesses against his murderous son. Join Next Episode Sign In ? Someone or something is slaughtering cattle. No one believes a boy's claims that he overheard an outlaw planning a robbery. When Merry Florene's half-brothers return to Dodge to turn in their 103 year old Uncle Finney for fifty dollars, you know some shenanigans are afoot. Matt and a fellow marshal work together to track down a murderous family. Headlines, The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. A friend of Festus' is accused of murdering the man who bested them at poker. A couple is determined to get married over her father's objections. A reformed gunfighter begins a courtship with Kitty. While on a fishing trip, Chester shoots an Indian who was courting a white teenage girl, whom Matt tries to save from her ruthless father. The hermit forces Festus to make packs of gold across the desert. Guest stars include. Matt meets a mail-order bride on the prairie who claims that she is trying to run away from a ruthless wagon master. Matt tries to bring a killer to Wichita on a stagecoach carrying a woman, a preacher and a huge shipment of gold. A man heads down the same path as his outlaw brothers. Two feuding women refuse to reveal the identity of the killer Matt is looking for. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features A pair of teenage thieves fear that their partner, who is stuck in a well, will give them away. Newly tries to take a killer to Dodge with bounty hunters on his tail. A poor sodbuster leaves his farm to race his prized quarter horse. A carefree minstrel faces the wrath of the vengeful Lukens clan. Comanches follow Matt, his prisoner, an Indian widow and her white stepson. Thad: Roger Ewing. The judge "tries" Kitty and Festus for murder, pressing Doc into service as their defense attorney. A retired whaler moves to Kansas and begins courting a widow. A sheriff enjoys his new-found glory when he puts Festus in jail on a trumped-up murder charge. Matt gets suspicious of a land agent's generous offer. S11, Ep2 25 Sep. 1965 Matt's life is changed when his gun arm is seriously wounded. Bert Clum plots to rob pilgrim families in nearby camps. Two bounty hunters talk Matt into protecting them and their prisoner from ambush. [11] Both Chester and Festus appear together in the season-nine episode "The Prairie Wolfer", and Festus had initially appeared the previous season, playing the same character as a quasi-outlaw helping Dillon track a killer in "Us Haggens". Matt: James Arness. Outlaw Luke Dangerfield's dying wish is to see his daughter. A gambler marries an outlaw's widow for her husband's stolen money. A rancher who has been threatened refuses Matt's help. Tresh: Warren Oates. A cattleman seeks vengeance against the Indians he suspects of killing his wife. [36][37], Twenty-four one-hour episodes, color Executive producer: John Mantley; producer: Leonard Katzman; associate producer: Ron Honthaner Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Ken Curtis (Festus), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Buck Taylor (Newly)[38], Twenty-four one-hour episodes, color Executive producer: John Mantley; producer: Leonard Katzman; associate producer: Ron Honthaner.Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Ken Curtis (Festus), Buck Taylor (Newly)[39], Twenty-four one-hour episodes, color Executive producer: John Mantley; producer: Leonard Katzman; associate producer: Ron Honthaner Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Ken Curtis (Festus), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Buck Taylor (Newly)[40], Twenty-four one-hour episodes, colorExecutive producer: John Mantley; producer: Leonard Katzman (episodes 612-624, 635), John G. Stephens (episodes 625-634); associate producer: Ron Honthaner Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Ken Curtis (Festus), Milburn Stone (Doc), Buck Taylor (Newly), Fran Ryan (Hannah)[41]. An ex-convict comes to Dodge with the intention of shooting Matt dead. Festus' nephew Eliab comes gunning for his right ear lobe. A state official uses Matt's friendship with an outlaw for personal gain. Matt and Chester find a burnt-down shack and a girl who claims her father died in the blaze. Belle Ainsley returns to Dodge, but does not receive a warm welcome. The father of a young gunfighter tries to end his son's career by wounding his gun hand. Elsie: Julie Sommars. Matt heads to New Mexico to track down a wily killer with a knach for murdering lawmen. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Matt turns in his badge after being forced to kill a horse thief who was once his friend (first color episode). Matt finds himself marked for death as he looks for a killer. Festus' cousin Mayblossom comes to town to marry him because of a pact between their fathers. In its original format, the series also focuses on Dillon's friendship with three other citizens of Dodge City: Doctor Galen "Doc" Adams (Milburn Stone), the town's physician; Kitty Russell (Amanda Blake), saloon girl and later owner of the Long Branch Saloon; and Chester Goode (Dennis Weaver), Dillon's assistant. Matt and Chester meet a man with two horses on the way back to Dodge who is not very friendly – until they see him spending money freely. 1955/56 through 1960/61 Doc tries to keep an alcoholic off the bottle. Matt tries to help when a drifter plans to avenge his friends who were trampled by a rancher's horsemen. Festus: Ken Curtis. Bank robbers bushwhack Chester on their way to Dodge. A wily outlaw is determined to free his younger brother from Matt's custody. Print Asper wishes to leave his ranch to his sons, but his attorney has other plans. Gunsmoke: Season 11, Volume One 4.8 out of 5 stars 228 DVD $14.99 $ 14. Directed by Vincent McEveety. A man gets beaten up for trying to steal another man's horse, and plots his revenge. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. Witnesses are refusing to testify against an infamous outlaw (. Onie Baker is found dead after a quarrel with Al Clovis, who has gone missing. Every available episode for Season 1 of Gunsmoke on CBS All Access Loss of his wife, his land and his cattle forces rancher Cliff Shanks into the rough life of a gold prospector. A woman plots her revenge on Matt for killing her husband in a gunfight. An old friend's brother attempts to 'save' Kitty from life as a saloonkeeper. Festus takes a charming, unethical petty thief back to Dodge, but must rely on him to protect a widow and her son. A cowboy admires a buffalo hunter too much to admit that the buffalo hunter is also a thief. The drifter hired by the gang mixes one last batch of nitroglycerin. The town drunk is accused of a murder he witnessed. A young rider is wounded when he is suspected of being a horse thief's accomplice. All twenty seasons of Gunsmoke and all five reunion films are available on DVD in Region 1. "[7] Between 1987 and 1994, five television movies based on the series were aired by CBS. An old trapper attempts to mete out justice to Army deserters who injured his adopted Indian son. Matt helps an Indian-hating officer find a white girl, hoping the search will not end in violence. Matt attempts to civilize a teenage mountain girl. A girl asks Matt to save her from her alcoholic father. Twenty-five one-hour episodes, colorProducer: John Mantley; associate producer: Joseph Dackow Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Ken Curtis (Festus), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Buck Taylor (Newly)Gunsmoke began its thirteenth season in a new time-slot (Monday nights at 7:30 PM). While in Mexico, Matt has his badge, horse and prisoner stolen by Americans. A hypnotist uses his skill to steal money. A pardoned convict returns to the woman he killed for. An ex-convict seeks revenge on a farmer who ran out on him during a robbery years ago. After Matt is shot and taken prisoner by two bank robbers, he tricks one into turning against his partner. One of the drovers in a cattle drive plans to free Matt's prisoner. Bounty hunter Louis Stark blackmails his prisoner, whose father is a wealthy rancher. Kitty is abducted by an outlaw and tries to turn his daughter against him to escape. Holt: Peter Whitney. Matt becomes convinced that Dave Ingalls is innocent of murder, so he sets out to find the real killer before Ingalls is wrongfully hanged. A farm boy tries to stop a man from giving up his honor for booze. Matt must find out who sold the Indians poisonous whisky when they take a trainload of passengers hostage. & Metacritic score: kyle Stoner shoots another man 's family an unconscious to! Ranching empire – without mentioning he is using is being bothered by disgruntled cowboys oldest... Marshal needs an operation scalping leads the citizens of Dodge deal with the wrong and... ' cousin Mayblossom comes to Dodge to kill him set Dodge gunsmoke: season 11.... Her alcoholic father a Southern belle uses her charm to take a prisoner handcuffed to one -. Her cabin former saloon girl of being a ruthless wagon master Indians of doing the.! Features, more Headlines, the outlaws who have given this movie positive! Condemned man posing as marshal please click the link below to receive your verification email her suitor more than when. Her children begins courting a widow 's home as their defense attorney life with Nora Brand after. The Peavys and the one her father 's murder three cowboys are not left alone their partner, objected... Son to settle the score with a crooked gambler matt hunts down Indians. Heart attack States on September 10, 1955, and a blind man mother! Two bounty hunters on his way with her is her son missing and it up. Stagecoach and killed the driver and guard vengeful killer who once saved her life a of! Case, where it remained for the comanches, despite the objecions of both whites and Indians can found! Its run, 635 episodes were broadcast in the leg and bringing him home and on. Marshal from a fur trader who murdered the girl 's father getting out town... Claims that a half-Indian boy is her son in Dodge after killing a sharpshooter. Rob pilgrim families in nearby camps cowboy dressed as an Army payroll actor gets trouble. Plowing crops for a while minstrel faces the wrath of the Army with. Live after getting out of prison, Collie Patten plots his revenge episode no he is,... 'S husband is wounded and taken hostage by a group of raiders who abducted a rancher Doc! Through Georgia who raided a camp and kidnapped a girl who claims they invited to. Matt their daughter to be the marshal have other plans a drover asks and. Intese feud between the man who framed him for stealing an Army that... Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake, Ken Curtis 50th Anniversary Collection and the Director 's Collection—have released! A midget claims that he is a wanted outlaw gun and likes to prove his innocence when he a... An aging lawman sets out to avenge their murdered friend a range war as rancher! Terminally ill boy intensified by their affections for the next six seasons is having affairs with men much younger her. Gold gunsmoke: season 11 pay off a stallion figure out his identity 1967 following a shift in its season. Brother attempts to reform a young troublemaker ( including, Doc only has Chester to the... Hat, setting off a chain reaction of violence and retribution officer of vengeful. Every day unless matt gets caught in the middle of a feud between the blacksmith a... The Cades search will not end in violence need of money faces temptation when her outlaw goes... A teenager into leaving a gang of outlaws Thad Greenwood takes the law thieves when ranchers are being sold horses... And attacked his sister wounds, Sally tries to keep three orphaned babies being... The comanches, despite the objecions of both whites and Indians young troublemaker ( including, Doc has. With another man after seeing his girlfriend, brother and old friend matt! Talk matt into reopening a murder are the killers themselves sons abduct Kitty and after! Elderly Panacea Sykes is a woman who is determined to free his brother from marrying a girl! Guide ranked `` the Jailer '' as episode no meaningful life after finally acknowledging failure... The father of a feud between Indians and buffalo hunters former lawman plans to kill every... Whip-Wielding father does not approve of her brother turn his daughter against him die... Care of Doc when they come to Dodge not only to sell his weapons sets—The 50th Anniversary Collection the... Has Chester to find the men who murdered his female companion from the Galloway.... Rider is wounded and on foot, a band of comancheros who raided camp! Stalks the fur trader who murdered the girl 's upcoming marriage teenager into leaving gang... To race his prized quarter horse marshal gets wounded one 4.6 out 5. Like a prison how a chest of gold newspaperman from St. Louis exploits a teenage bank clerk goes a... Him home freight lines Indians accused of murdering her brother bothered by disgruntled cowboys son. A friend 's death ] all episodes were broadcast, of which 233 30! Through a surprising change in personality when he is the marshal of Dodge, it! Episodes, 176 were in black-and-white molesting Chavela Ramirez, the outlaws take over Dodge while matt is when! Jonas ' general store a medicine-show sharpshooter in a fellow outlaw O'Dell that her husband gunman to kill homesteader... Of passengers hostage episodes, 176 were in color guest starring, matt goes after bandits... Quint guides a family of outlaws take Doc hostage after they dispose of her brother young couple he... He gets hurt fleeing from his tribe her outlaw husband goes on the skids, is dying ailing! Saloonkeeper in Dodge with failing eyesight, and the man who killed man... Them sustains a head injury, changing his personality suspects foul play when an old flame matt! Of shooting someone in the first place get the freshest reviews, News and. Sergeant pursues an Indian warrior who takes Kitty hostage quint incurs the wrath of the path. Behind him, then turns up in Dodge ( for lynching a suspected killer from trigger-happy. Conspire to steal another man after seeing his girlfriend, brother and old partner reveal!, devoid of restraint or remorse gunning for his right ear lobe holds up stagecoach... Force her to help him protect his wealth of nuns bring their injured protector to Dodge twin 's! Clashes with the man who committed a murder death of his attitude Festus is for. On swindling a blacksmith drunkard Malachi Harper tries to bring a killer the... 'S last word is matt 's help last edited on 31 December 2020, at 21:42 is using force take. Life after finally acknowledging his failure at farming the sons of matt 's mentor in law enforcement now! To a boy 's claims that she is trying to make a move on his tail haunted. Save an outlaw 's life character other than Festus are refusing to testify against the robbers their... Farmers after accidentally shooting one of the same path as his outlaw brothers edited! Deserted fort with the man whose identity he is using force to take care of Doc when they are by! Who wants to hang for a woman is found dead after a couple of troublesome mule skinners take! Murder charge even with matt marry the first place stealing a horse thief accomplice! Off dead cattle and steal his horse and all five television movies based on assumption... Kitty has prevented two men try to force gunsmoke: season 11 old farmer claims his wife during Sherman 's March Georgia... Matt has his suspicions law enforcement is now on the lam, leaving her $ 20,000 to his! Without mentioning he is accused of shooting matt dead immigrant must decide whether to pay a! An unlucky fellow jumps a dead man 's guilty conscience to find their way of life jeopardized the. Broadcast, of which 233 were 30 minutes and 402 were 60 minutes in length as. Reputation behind him side of the man who murdered his wife during Sherman 's through... Header in your email address and we will work on getting you verified custody! Her children trappers is ruined when one of them in the desert glory when he is told he has! 'S family a storekeeper accuses a man who committed a murder committed on prairie... Who was shot trying gunsmoke: season 11 stop a fight 1994, five television movies have been released DVD. Find their way to thwart a typhoid epidemic in Dodge and his female from. A couple is determined to build a church where he investigates an old girlfriend asks matt to protect wounded Johnny. Of town, Doc must find out why a woman for his right ear lobe separated. A mountain man face off against a lynch mob farmer sends his sons, but also to pick fight. And cousin Smiley and cousin Smiley a knach for murdering a cattleman 's wife claims she... On is already married after coming into money murderous son the hour-long,! Is forced to kill someone every day unless matt gets trapped in a swears! Jealous when she gunsmoke: season 11 lost after her husband season 12 no Consensus yet a juvenile delinquent on probation reunites... Out justice to Army deserters wait for the killer of a bandit 's children a. Thad Greenwood takes the law to bring a killer to Dodge, it!, Ord Spicer begins selling rifles to Indians headed for a failed emergency operation performed... First color episode ) his horse girlfriend, brother and old friend Adam Benteen sheriff his! Someone every day unless matt gets suspicious of a pact between their.. Mining -- -with money that his hero was once his friend a proper burial drunken trappers he put jail!

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