If you need a bit more inspiration, here are a few posts we wrote about relationships and shift work: Due to the (potentially low) volume of people working a particular shift in your workplace, there could be a greater chance of becoming “shift manager” or being promoted into a role earlier than if you worked 9-5. You don’t even need to worry about your favorite machine at the gym being taken or the exercise class “is full” due to excessive participation. Afternoon shift Morning shift Mo Week 3 1 - 9 = Workers Figure 2: Extended four-shift-system with flexible attendance time Tu W Th Fr Sa Su. Using this precious time has helped me stay motivated, active, healthy and a very happy shift worker. Afternoon workers should have the main meal in the middle of the day instead of the middle of the work shift. Working in shifts at a time that allows you to get such gym timings when there is not much rush and makes it cheaper for you is very self-satisfying. Our sole aim is to help shift workers and those on unusual schedules find balance between work and life. For certain time-sensitive tasks, such practices is beneficial in terms of employer’s perspectives. As the body grows old it is natural that it will face with sluggishness and inactivity which will not allow you to fully use the body with much less effort. Five Advantages Of Working Night Shift 1. Being a shift worker, you can also totally ignore the day time in its entirety and do your grocery shopping at night where there are even less people! The work must go on meaning in most cases you simply carry on where the previous person left off. These people not only understand your schedule and are stoked with events like a random 4pm lunch date, but they also just get it when you need a glass of wine and lots of cheese on a Tuesday morning instead of the typical Friday night. Sometimes second shift workers get paid more for working nontraditional hours. This is even worse when you have scheduled night shifts. Shift work occurs whenever 24-hour coverage is necessary or when a 24 hour day optimizes work output and productivity. This is almost my favorite part about shift work. Are you able to roster your shifts? It is easier as one can swap shifts with coworkers too. One might have changed the set of shifts which makes him even more sleepy and tired. This is the best attribute in the shift work. Most of the people working in shifts often get uncomfortable as they have to sync themselves with the untimely routine. The only thing that you might miss is the evenings, esp. I mentioned earlier there are some neat financial incentives to working a flexible roster. The NHS is one employer which pays more for night shift workers. Which Shift is the Best to Work? The use of shift-work within organisations is growing rapidly in the UK, and unlike part-time and temporary work, tends to involve a larger proportion of the workforce. At the same time, it is beneficial when it comes to taking leave. Since shift work seems to lower the levels of leptin, it could be that night workers just feel hungrier -- and thus eat more -- than day workers. I guess some people aren’t concerned with opening the door in your PJ’s and bed hair at 3pm in the afternoon! About EG Workforce Night workers should eat lightly throughout the shift and have a moderate breakfast. If you’re trying to get your head around the whole shift work game, this book is definitely worth a look. Some of the advantages of using shift work for both workers and employers are given below. Coronavirus Checklist Questions Employers Should Ask, How Coronavirus is Impacting the Recruitment Industry, What Can You Bring to The Company? Even the eating schedule changes for the night shift employees. Husband watches the kids at night while I work. I'm a stay at home mom, and I hate the thought because it'll seem like he's gone all day long. In some shift work organizations, there is an unspoken agreement that shift swaps are a “thing”… you rub my back and I’ll rub yours and it works beautifully! However, there are some benefits to working the night shift if you can adjust to the unnatural schedule. However, if you’re not familiar with this type of shift, here’s an overview of how it works. This could be in the morning, afternoon or even in the evening. Once you get accustomed to your shift hours, you can utilize your day very well by squeezing in activities like gym, sports, music, art etc. Most of the organizations have noticed this flaw and are trying their best in having mix approach of all levels of employees to maintain the standard of quality of the work. Hopefully, the pros and cons listed above could help you realize that things in the night/day shift aren’t so bad after all. How To Really Rock The Nights Without Them, 10 Must-Have Night Shift Sleep Aids for a Heavenly Sleep, How Swanwick’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses Put Me To Sleep, Owning a Dog as a Shift Worker: Clever Tips to Make It Work, Should I Eat on Night Shift? Shift Work and Family. ... or negative peer e ects in the afternoon shift. The relationships you build from working shift work are sometimes odd (the conversation and events that occur at 3.30am can take an entirely different direction than during the day), but they’re incredibly valuable. Shift work can include evening, night, and early morning shifts, as well as fixed or rotating schedules. Sometimes second shift workers get paid more for working nontraditional hours. Shift workers can party and look sharp too! Financial Incentives; The most obvious advantage of working the night shift may be the most significant advantage, the financial incentives. Shift Work Is Convenient. The fixed schedule means that one group of employees will work the day shift, one group will work the night shift, and one group will work the swing shift. I'm Emma Smith a passionate, Registered Nurse from Australia. Fewer Distractions at Work. 12 years of Experience within the International BPO/ Operations and Recruitment Areas. And for those who work the night shift, it’s business as usual. Working this type of shift has been going on for well over a century and there are certainly positive and negatives to putting yourself through this process. The debate remains the same as the shift works really are beneficial or not. Usually, the graveyard shift can be any shift that starts at 12 am. Good daytime sleep is possible, though, if shift work is a necessary part of your work life. Caffeine is a stimulant that is used to give you a quick boost of energy and keep you … Bored on Night Shift? Shift work increases the risk for the development of many disorders. As a nurse, my shifts were from 7am-3.30pm, 1-9.30pm and the night shift 9.30pm-7am. Thinking on your feet and being resourceful are skillsets you must have. This is one of the benefits of working nights. Rest is a night time activity, work a daytime activity. You can lay on the beach without the next person cramping your personal space, or catch a midday film (or late at night) and sit in the middle of the row without a problem. If you’re thinking of pursuing a night shift job, here are two posts we published that will be of interest to you. Companies sometimes allow employees to work four 10-hour days as opposed to the traditional five-day work week. One can meet with accidents if he travels with such drowsy head due to less caution. How Long Should You Sleep Before A Night Shift? How to Stop Feeling Incompetent, Advice for New Grad Nurses: How to Stop Feeling Like an Idiot, Always Sick as a New Nurse? One enjoying the hustle and bustle of the day cannot stick to the night’s emptiness. Eventually, with time, you will become bored with the routine. The term split shift is one that is commonly spoken about by those who take advantage of the benefit. It’s plausible to assume that workers choose the night shift for monetary reasons. That means you’re working from an abnormal routine and at work when most other people are enjoying prime-time TV, BBQ parties, and other fun activities. So if career progression is something you seek at this point, don’t be afraid to work rotating shifts as majority of other will struggle or may not want to take on this challenge. And parents of young kids who do not understand the working parent’s patterns also feel deserted. Going for a movie when you hardly find any crowd at ticket counters is another enjoyable moment. Can you think of another profession where you simply go to work, do the best you can, then go home without having to do any more? One who works in shifts suffers lack of sleep if he is in night shift and is conditioned to sleeping in the night. If you are new to the shift working world, this book published by Audra Starkey is phenomenal. Yes, breakfast dates are out, but there are so many other great options and happy hour food and drink specials to get stuck into! Working the day shift allows a ton of flexibility to see your friends and family after work which could mean a nice dinner or picnic in the park. 0 0. Why Intermittent Fasting Works, How to Fall Asleep Quickly Even When You’re Not Tired, How to Best Prepare for Night Shift and Stay Healthy, The Essential Guide to Conquering Shift Work, Going to their favorite, crazy busy restaurant during the week (avoiding the weekend). You can take leaves in the midweek and compensate for it later. Teachers often want to work to raise their earnings by working in more than one session, which Allowing all employees to work a high-dollar shift on a regular basis serves two important purposes: Once you decide to implement a rotating shift, employees will need an effective way to check when they are working and even get notifications of upcoming shifts. Working in shifts can be advantageous for completing other chores and not keeping them for the weekends. However, working … Night shift nurses get the most of the work as most of the casualty occurs during the midnights or the early mornings. Like employees, even employers feel the challenge of working in tight schedules, so flexible work shifts are very comfortable for all the workers working in an organization. Appointments and chiro, etc. A growing body of research warns that working overnight is destroying your health. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Hey there! Working this schedule on the weekend while your friends and family are going out, can help you save money and look after your health (if you still get enough sleep that is). Well, night is the time to rest but if it is unavoidable, you should do it in proper way so you could get all the benefits of working evening shift for health. Meet them at work for a meal break – this is much easier when working different shifts. Tips for People Who Work the Evening Shift. People working rotating shifts are more vulnerable than others. However, sooner or later a good percentage of people realize the health consequences and feel compelled to quit the job. Pros and Cons of Shift Work. About 20 percent of the work force in America is working in a rotating shift job. The pattern of waking in the morning going to work having lunch by afternoon and leaving the workplace by evening is not the same for the shift workers. Taking your husband out for dinner on a Friday is romantic for some, but simply not do-able some weeks due to your roster. This plan needs four teams for full coverage, and makes an average 42-hour workweek. In the same way, 24 hours call centers will be having their peak hours and off-peak hours where some customer service personnel will be swamped with almost continuous calls, while other shift personnel will have a less number of calls comparatively. To promote better sleep during the day: Avoid stimulants before bedtime. It is very satisfying for the employees as they get locals or the public transports vacant and experience a journey without congested spaces. Examples of shift patterns and traditional approaches to shift working. If you’re working second shift, then your hours might be 4pm-12am. We have written a few posts which can help with requesting your roster which I highly recommend you take a look at: Shift work hours are often referred to as “anti-social…” which makes me laugh because I have never been more social as a shift worker as when I worked 9-5! With so many of our daily rhythms thrown off course by COVID-19, modern households need to find new ways to … You can choose a time shift that allows you to travel with less rush and traffic. If you drive to work, then you'll know how frustrating rush hour traffic can be. When you start working nights, you are effectively flipping your established … The frequency of rotation is also controversial. Swing swift: Employees who work a swing shift start their day during the afternoon. I’ve worked them all – from my days in high school working the after-school shift at a grocery store and working nights stocking department store shelves, to the US Air Force where I worked every shift imaginable. For the most people, rotating forward through day, afternoon and night shift is better than backwards (night, afternoon then day). My husband has just been promoted to a Team Leader job where he works, and will have to to to second shift. Let’s distinguish to contemplate good and bad effects of shift working through the points mentioned below: Employees are able to choose the shift according to their needs. Advantages. Being able to take control over your roster, (to some degree), allows you to plan social commitments, childcare, a second job (if relevant) and even just pre-plan a time out or “mental health day”. If you're working nights and need to sleep from morning until afternoon, try to avoid caffeine after the first part of your shift. The nightshift timings are also known as the graveyard shift. It should be better than US. Many people see the night shift as a last resort. And for the majority of these shifts, the commute time was almost cut in half in comparison to when I needed to attend a 9-5 study day (for example). I have been working night shift for the past 6 years (previously I was working mostly during the day with some occasional evening shifts). Even though the law enforcement for women safety is being functioned, night shifts still prove risky for women out of the workplace premises. Say goodbye to frustrating peak hour traffic. Working a late shift can affect your mood, productivity, sleep, stress levels and morale, especially if you are morning person rather than a night owl. So all errands, gym etc can be taken care in the morning. Please comment below. This is us, Em and Dan, content creators of The Other Shift. Your shift working hours can make your family members feel abandoned and ignored. Hence there is no scope for growth as each shift crew is in their own world. I have heard in some shift work families that 1 parent works the night shift, whilst the other works 9-5 so there is always somebody at home to watch the kids. Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Someone who follows a healthy diet at work suffers a lot due to lack of options. I don’t know of any benefits to an afternoon shift, unless you’re a morning person and love to get stuff done early in the day. We are really passionate about shift work and trying to create a sustainable model and tips that can keep you healthy and loving your shift work job.

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